A study revealed that a significant number of those experiencing reproductive loss exhibit signs of anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Life after abortion is not easy, and for many women, life is never the same. 

It is possible to have joy in your life again and hope for the future. Here are some simple steps to start your recovery journey.

1. Extend Compassion to Yourself

The first step to recovering emotionally after an abortion can often be the hardest—extending compassion and grace to yourself. Maybe you regret what you did or don’t know how to overcome certain emotions. Many women go through grief, guilt, shame, and sadness after abortion. You are not alone in your struggle.

Offering yourself grace is so important in the recovery journey. Give yourself the time to process your emotions. Sweeping them under the rug will not help anyone. You are braver than you know. 

2. Confide in Those You Trust

After dealing with the loss on your own, try confiding in someone you trust. This may be a family member, partner, or friend. While many women may have this person in mind, you may not have anyone you trust to turn to.

If you are not sure who to turn to, you can talk to one of our trusted and professional counselors at Pregnancy Resources of Abilene. We offer free professional counseling to anyone struggling with grieving the loss of a child through abortion, infant loss, or miscarriage. Our Clinic Counselor is here to help you through the pain of your loss. 

3. Receive Professional Support

Getting professional support after abortion is not something to be ashamed of. We are here for you, to listen, encourage, and care for you. Contact Jordan, our Clinic Counselor, at jordan@prabilene.com for more information or to set up an appointment

Call us today at (325) 704-0433, or simply stop by. We are here to offer you free and confidential care and support in your healing journey.