Whoever you are, whatever you’ve been through, we are here for you. We offer free and confidential care in a loving, non-judgmental environment. You don’t have to face your circumstances alone.

Medical & Resource Referrals

Abilene has many wonderful doctors and organizations to support and empower you, and we can get you connected to them. Proof of pregnancy forms needed for community services, such as Pregnancy Medicaid, are available by request.

Licensed Professional Counseling

We offer free professional counseling to anyone struggling with a variety of issues, such as: anxiety, depression, decision making, grief, miscarriage, abortion, relationships, stress, and past or current abuse.  Our Clinic Counselor is also here to offer support when you feel alone or simply need someone to talk to. You do not have to be pregnant or to be a parent to receive counseling services. Please call if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Emotional Support

At some point, we all need a place to turn. We are here for you. Someone to listen who really cares – someone who understands with an encouraging word – often makes all the difference. Please call or come in today.

Pregnancy Consultation & Education

Medical professionals are on staff and available to you. They can answer your questions and help ease your worries. We also offer one-on-one and group classes to help prepare you for your pregnancy and throughout your parenting journey.

Classes & Coaching

We have on-going support for expecting moms, dads and families with young children. There are many opportunities for coaching and training every month through our group classes. As you attend classes, you earn points that can be redeemed for a variety of new baby items, like car seats, cribs, and more. Appointments can be made for individual sessions on specific topics.

Baby Supplies

Generous individuals and community groups give donations year-round so that we will have diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food available to you when you need it. Baby supplies are distributed every Thursday morning from 10:00 to 12:30. You can receive these supplies once every 4 weeks. This service is available to anyone with children in the home – parents, grandparents, foster parents, etc.